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If you stand up for yourself frequently enough, they'll get the message. You'll also feel incredibly empowered by speaking your mind and claiming your personal authority. But anyone who is successful will tell you they reached success on the stepping stones of failure and screw-ups.

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Mistakes and failure reveal a willingness to take risk and try. Low self-esteem is the result of years of messed up thinking. Thoughts and beliefs are nothing more than amorphous habits of consciousness. Rather than ruminating on how bad you feeling about yourself, do something positive and productive. This is particularly effective if the action you take relates to improving the area where you feel low self-esteem. If you're feeling bad about your weight for example, go take a walk or exercise in some way.

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  7. Action makes you feel in control of your destiny. In my research on self-esteem, I found that most people hate their appearance and feel bad about themselves as a result. We live in a culture that worships youth and beauty, but in reality most people aren't beautiful by the media's standards. Imagine a life where it simply didn't matter how you look. Then try to live that way.

    How much time do you spend comparing yourself to other people and how they look, what they own, or what they've achieved? Comparing yourself to others is destructive to your self-esteem. Keep your eye on your own prize and stay focused on your goals and dreams.

    Live your one unique life the best way you can without worrying what others are doing. When we compare ourselves to others, we often get trapped in the false thinking that other people have perfects lives while we're living our little crappy lives. Unless you are living inside another person's home and have access to their thoughts and feelings, you simply don't know the truth about their lives. Appearances are only a sliver of the truth. This goes back to not believing your thoughts. Fear is aroused to warn you of imminent danger, but most of our fears relate to perceived events in the future.

    And most of these events aren't life-threatening. You may always feel some amount of fear and anxiety, but you can use your logical mind to remind yourself that you aren't going to die.

    How Can I Improve My Self-Esteem?

    If you're like most people, you probably spend far less time pondering your accomplishments than you do your failures. Turn that around. Focus on your accomplishments and successes, even the most insignificant. You have achieved so much in a lifetime. Take some time to write them down and savor them. When you have low self-esteem, your relationships suffer. A lack of confidence and neediness are unattractive and push others away from you, which only makes your low self-esteem worse. Practice self-love by honoring your own needs and desires, and by being compassionate and forgiving of yourself.

    As I experienced myself, being a people pleaser doesn't promote self-esteem or foster authentic, intimate relationships. You might get a temporary boost from the positive reinforcement, but over time you lose your sense of self and your respect for yourself. Please yourself first so you have the confidence to make sound decisions about dealing with the wants and needs of others.

    Those who suffer with low self-esteem often use passive aggressive behaviors when they feel angry or frustrated. They aren't assertive enough to state plainly what they want or need. Sometimes passive aggressiveness erupts into unexpected angry outbursts. Learn about passive-aggressive behaviors and how you can practice healthier ways of communicating your feelings. Often people with low self-esteems are afraid to implement personal boundaries. Remember, it's not only okay to have them, but it is absolutely necessary for self-esteem and positive relationships.

    Other people may resist at first, but eventually they'll respect you more for having boundaries. If you feel unhappy with yourself because you don't relate well to others or you're social skills are lacking, don't assume you have a personality or character flaw. Often people don't learn these communication skills growing up and feel insecure as they get older.

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    They fear reaching out for help since it would draw attention to their flaws. Social and communication skills can be learned by observing others, through reading and research, and with instruction from a therapist or coach. When we're insecure in ourselves, we often believe we are the cause for the bad behavior of others. They are angry, controlling, unreliable, or unhappy because we haven't tried hard enough, or we did something wrong. It's not about me. It's about us.

    Low Self-Esteem: What Does it Mean to Lack Self-Esteem?

    Your stories and your wisdom are just as meaningful as mine. Click here to read more. Here is a list of six simple commitments that have made the biggest difference to me: 1.

    Learn to say no. Say what you mean and mean what you say. Grant yourself the permission to make mistakes, and see them as opportunities for growth. Take responsibility for your actions. Help others. Immerse yourself in whatever you decide to do.

    Low Self Esteem Quotes ( quotes)

    Quit worrying about your choices. Stop second-guessing your choices. Commit to it and go become that person! More Posts. See a typo, an inaccuracy, or something offensive? Please contact us so we can fix it! Did you enjoy this post? Please share the wisdom :.

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    Feeling Emotionally Overloaded I can't feel happy if I don't have somebody in my life that loves me He wanted an 'open relationship' so I left. Change your internal dialogue: An internal critic fuels self-hate, so step one is to silence the voice in your head by consciously making yourself repeat a positive response for every negative thought you have. Why be your own worst critic?