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1 Timothy 2:12 and Women Preachers in Church

Topics Ariana Grande. Certainly a woman can teach, let them teach the young woman to be a chaste housekeepers or person etc. How about because the woman was deceived and not the man says Paul. Women are so beautiful and I am a woman, it is so wonderful when you see a woman as an authority figure advising new converts, and our young mothers especially in areas where there is an abundance of our girls and ladies that are poor, untrained, grammar deficient, not knowing how to be ladies and keeping their homes etc.

These converts young women need help as well as older females that never got home training, older wise women and we do have them that can come alongside them after their conversion showing them how it is done. Then the world can see how the church can take young women and teenagers and girls of all demographics and make beautiful Christian women. So that is a lot right there for a woman to teach in the church. Jeremy, thank you for your interesting blog. I can discern that you have a burden for the saints and are actively sacrificing time and resources to share your understanding and wisdom.

I would like to get a grasp on a statement you made in your conclusion. Would that be fair, so that I may inquire further into the pertinent passages regarding our Sisters in Christ? Good, gracious, insightful question. I do believe that the universal church is able to gather in small parts in local physical settings.

I think that is what you were asking? So yes, the ecclesia has local settings. It does appear that Paul did not allow women in Corinth to speak in their local gatherings. I agree that it is difficult to find in the bible explicit statements mentioning traditions that are to be practiced in all churches for all times.

Is there overwhelming evidence that 1st Corinthians does not apply to us today? Here is the scripture as rendered by the ESV:. As in all the churches of the saints, the women should keep silent in the churches. For they are not permitted to speak, but should be in submission, as the Law also says. Perhaps those passages that we discern no particular spiritual benefit should not apply?

God is a Woman: Ariana Grande taps into a long herstory of a female lord

I can foresee some troubling consequences to our testimony as Christians by interpreting disagreeable verses this way. A Christian should be above reproach in the world, being all things to all men, so that some may be won to Christ. We do not venture into the way of disobedience though, doing that which we are commanded not to, but rather listen to God, no matter who it offends or what man made laws are broken.

Timothy was willing to be circumcised for the sake of the Jews, though he did not have to. Paul worked day and night with his hands so that he could make the gospel without charge.

The Role of Women in the Ministry, Part 1 by Beth Jones

Presumably, it was more important for Paul at this time to be without blame, than to be in chargeable full time ministry. None could find occasion to discredit the motives of the Apostles of Christ and therefore, their words were regarded as from God and not from man and so the Word of God had occasion to work effectually in them that believed. The world is not lacking in teachers and preachers. It is lacking in doers of the Word of God. Whatever the view of the teaching silencing women in the church, I know that I am more edified by the Sister that applies this teaching to her life, choosing instead, sacrifice and obedience.

It sounds like you have thought carefully through your position. You can state it well, and most importantly, you can state it with grace! Thank you. I respect your view and how you arrived at it. So basically the only man I have to submit to is one who truly submits to Jesus. Hence women pastors.

Jesus asks us to spread the good news. If my husband spreads lies and hate, I will chose the authority of his master and spread love instead. This is another subject where I think the interpretation is pretty clear but we has humans have dropped the ball on application.

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I think most of us can all agree that homosexuality and abortion are sin according to the Bible but when we decide to put people in power who are willing to evict people from houses and refuse to serve them at restaurants because of their orientation and boldly proclaim pro-life values but want to leave these children left at the border out to dry we do evil in the name of biblical truth. Both males and females have been given equally important roles. However look at how we have treated women in our society for generations. I love what you say there.

Sadly, the church does not often show this though we pay it lip service. Please provide examples of how the Church is failing to show love toward women and prevailing at showing love toward men and the youth. A Church that loves one another will also rejoice in the truth, not hide from it. Certainly we cannot expect that the world will treat women, men, children or babies as they should be treated. This is why Christians fellowship and encourage one another to love a world that does not yet have Jesus Christ. It is directed by what His will is.

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  8. It is not up to us to bend and dance around the truth until the world and immature Christians are ready to accept it. It is His power alone that will provide the increase in knowledge, wisdom and then application in a believers life. The religion of today is from Rome, All the Christians and Apostles had been killed by 70 ad except for John who was imprisoned on the Island of Patmos, probably working in a coal mine.

    Acts 7v48 says God will no longer dwell in Temples made by man. The religion in the U. The religious system of today cannot be found in the New Testament. Aubrey, In many ways I agree with you, and have written quite a bit about this on this blog. However, I also think that Jesus redeems all things, and so even though some pagan practices and influences have infiltrated what Jesus was doing, I still think that many people can benefit from them as they follow Jesus.

    Is it possible that Paul wanted to simply respect the cultural norms and laws so the elder men of those churches would not throw Timothy out on his ear? He is known to have given different instructions to different audiences, like any effective teacher, so they could receive the Word without too much resistance.

    Room for Moore

    To me Paul is the cheerleader and Jesus is the whole football team. Having a personal relationship with God.

    follow Does he not take us back to the example of Eve leading Adam astray? But, I would never look at a woman as an expression of authority! There are so many names given to man. Post whatever about this comment. I am un-studied and have, instead of moving forward in my Bible studies over the past several years, have been moving backwards. Yes, I understand that argument about Adam and Eve.

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    4. I need to do a lot of thinking about it myself, but think there may be more to the story of Adam and Eve than we imagine.