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Along the banks of the River Avon, there are paths where you can walk, bike, picnic, and feed ducks and swans. You can also opt for a riverboat cruise to admire the pictorial scenery.

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There is also a five-mile trail, called the Greenway, where you can enjoy a walk or bike ride amid woodlands and rolling countryside. The town is also home to the Stratford Butterfly Farm, where you can stroll through a recreated rainforest to admire a myriad of butterfly species as well as waterfalls, fish ponds, and tropical plants and flowers.

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When planning your England travel itinerary, be sure to schedule a day to explore Stratford-upon-Avon. You may discover this charming village to be the best experience of your trip.

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Large paper edition. The "complete [? Contributor: Fairholt, F.

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Frederick William - Sabin, Joseph F. Contributor: Harlow, Louis K.

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Date: Printed in Great Britain. Also available in digital form. Snowden Henry Snowden Date: Contributor: Linton, W. William James - Wise, John R.

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John Richard Date: Book-plate of Dr. However, the eight works known as the history plays have several additional things in common: they form a linked series, they are set in late medieval England, and they deal with the rise and fall of the House of Lancaster a period that later historians often referred to as the Wars of the Roses. Shakespeare wrote his most important history plays in two tetralogies, or sequences of four plays apiece.

There are two other, less-celebrated history plays: King John, whose title figure ruled from to , and All Is Well, which takes the reign of Henry VIII — as its subject.

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Although the events he writes about occurred some two centuries before his own time, Shakespeare expected his audience to be familiar with the characters and events he was describing. Shakespearean history is similarly often inaccurate in its details, although it reflects popular conceptions of history. Shakespeare drew on a number of sources in writing his history plays, as he did in nearly all his work. Shakespeare may well have used any number of other sources; for Richard II, for example, scholars have suggested at least seven possible primary sources.

If such is the case, then the overthrow, deposition, or, worst of all, murder of a king is akin to blasphemy. In the play that bears his name, -Richard II is haunted by a politically motivated murder—not that of an actual king but that of his uncle, Thomas of Woodstock, Duke of Gloucester. Themes Motifs Symbols Key Facts. Important Quotations Explained.