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Vasco da Gama land in Africa after finding a new sea route to India. A book Desiderius Erasmus wrote criticizing the Catholic Church. Magellan sails out to sea and sails all the way around the Earth.

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A document written to write everything that is wrong with indulgences, he also wrote about the authority of the pope. Hernan Cortez and his cohorts take over the Aztec Capital. King Henry makes own church in England and declares himself the leader of it.

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Ignatius creates a religious party called the Jesuits, created to spread the catholic religion. Jacques Cartier, and explorer for France, claims parts of Canadian territory for France. Nicolaus Copernicus discovers the model of how the sun is the center of the solar system rather than the Earth. A peace written to rid of the rising conflict from the Reformation.

Huguenots were violently attacked during the civil war during the Reformation.

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Miguel de Cervantes publishes Don Quixote, the first novel ever. Galileo Galilei creates and circulates his account of the ocean tides. William Harvey describes perfectly, the process of circulation.

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Louis XIV becomes the king of France, it will be the longest term in history. Charles I, the king of Britain was against the institution of the Parliament in Britain.

He was executed because he became a threat to Britain. Hobbes writes Leviathan concerning that people were wicked. If people were left to themselves, their evil spirits would run wild. Eugene paints Liberty to Leading People which is one of the most popular paintings of all time.

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Baron de Montesquieu publishes the Spirit of Laws concerning separation of power, as well as how the power would be separated. Voltaire publishes his book simultaneously in five different countries.

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Rousseau writes the Social Contract which was a contract between the rulers and the people. It stated that liberty was everyone's birthright. Thus, it contains some inconsistencies in style and substance. Readers are encouraged to cross-reference any statements for accuracy.

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