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He was connected with his mother as executors of his father's will, and settled the estate. It is presumed that he left Rhode Island after his father's death, and with his family removed into Connecticut.

Virginia Winfield

His children were all born in Rhode Island. Ann Chapel of New London. Mary, b. John, b. Mehitabel Gardner James, b. James m. Dorcas Westcott b. He was married to the widow Mary Hoxsie, at her residence, "that being the usual meeting place in Charlestown," of the Quakers. Town Council. Will — proved To wife Mary, negro woman Sail, negro girl Phillis, use and improvement of five cows, fifty sheep, three beds and furni- ture, while widow r , and use of negro man Caesar and Spanish Indian girl Satira, for support of herself and three youngest children, while widow.

If she marry then Cae. To wife, also, riding horse, and to her daughter Susanna, such a horse as her mother may choose for her. To son James, acres in South Kingstowm, dwelling house where he lives in Charles- town, with 20 acres and mulatto man Cuff". To son Benjamin all my lands and houses in Cranston.

To son William, land in South Kingstown and south half of dwelling house in South Kingstown, which my son Joseph lives in.

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To son John, 40 acres in Charlestown and land in South Kings- town. To son Joseph, north-half of house he lives in, and 30 acres. To son Robert, land in Quanaquatogue, Charlestown, subject to claims of his mother for life, and if he die before twenty-one, his brothers James, John and William to have it. To daughter Margaret, and her children, Spanish Indian girl Flora; also to her, two beds and all household goods in house where she lives and two cows.

To daughters Elizabeth, Martha and Susanna, use of a room in house given Joseph and William, while said daughters are single, with privilege of dressing victuals in kitchen and the keep of two cows. To sons Benjamin and John, all the rest of estate, both real and personal, equally.

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His 3d wife was a daugh- ter of Robert and Deborah Peckham Taylor. From third column, original page. By first wife. James 2. Penelope 3. Benjamin 4. Samuel 5.

William 6. John 7. Elizabeth 8. Martha 9. Margaret , Oct. I By second wife Ephraim Dorcas , Dec. Joseph , Apr. Robert Susannah To wife Elizabeth, a third of personal, and privilege of house while widow. To two sons, wearing apparel and farming tackling. John 2. Benjamin 3. Mercy 4. Elizabeth 5. Susanna m. To sons David, Stephen, Benjamin and Robert, certain land and cattle, and a feather bed to each. Wife to bring up the younger children. David Stephen Benjamin Robert To be continued.

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John m. His age was called fourteen, which was not exact, but as near as was often the case in making returns to the officials. He was granted a lot if he would build within one year. Corporal, rising successively in after years to the office of Lieutenant, Captain and Major. Chosen to view, cattle and also clerk of wqights and measures. He was soon after a member of Town Council, and served frequently.

He and three others had the care and disposal of a barrel of gunpowder for supply of Portsmouth, and it was also ordered that the two great guns now in the yard of late de- ceased William Brenton, be pressed for country's service, and carried to Portsmouth, and placed one on the ferry neck, and - one near John Borden's. This vigilance was rendered necessary by the war with King Philip and it was voted the same year "that in these troublesome times and straits in this colony, the Assembly desiring to have the advice and concurrence of the most judicious inhabitants, if it may be had for the good of the whole, do desire at their sitting the company and council" of sixteen individuals, among them Captain John Albro.

He was a member of the Court Martial held at New- port for the trial of certain Indians. The members were sworn to allegiance, and due adminstration of justice. Will proved Overseers, William Sanford and Giles Slocum. If either desired to sell they were to sell one" to the other.

To grandson John Anthony, bed, chest, five sheep and great bible.

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  4. To grand- daughter Sarah Anthony looking glass, chest, two pewter platters and five sheep. To son John Albro a cow and two napkins, and to John's children, 40s. To children of son Samuel, 50s. To daughter Mary Hicks a cow and two napkins. To daughter Elizabeth Congdon 50s. To daughter Susannah Anthony, two cows, a heifer, feather bed, warming pan, still- yards, spice mortar, brass kettle, lanthorn, old brass kettle, little brass kettle, little iron pot, and skillet.

    To grand- daughter Dorothy Bentley, daughter of my son Samuel, 16s. To sons John and Samuel, all rights in Misquamicut purchase, equally. To daughter Susannah rest of movables. He "was buried in his own orchard" as the Friends' records state. Arnold, has now reached 21 volumes.

    As many of the old record books are fast crumbling before the march of time and will in a few years be unavailable, the im- portance of Mr. Arnold's work and undertaking can be appreciated. So can the im- mense labor entailed and the great patience, research, and educational qualifications necessary to the fruition of the work. The figures at the left refer to the volume and page of the original record.

    Volume I.

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    Warwick Marriages, page Samuel Littlefield, Jan. Rice, dec; m. Moses Fifield, Sept. Rice, of Low, m. Jonathan Brayton, Mar. Weaver, of John; m. Jonathan E. Furbush, Oct. Jonathan Brayton, May 2, Cong- don; m. Moses Fifield, Feb. Nicholas Congdon, Justice, per- formed marriage ceremony Feb.

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    To be continued. As I have noted elsewhere we as a family owe a large debt of gratitude to J. Austin for his preservation and publication of the records of the early generations of the family.