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After you log in your content will be available in your library. Viewing of. Cancel Save. Print Twitter Facebook Email. Click the button below to continue. Close this window. Learn more today! Cummings is a recently favorite author of mine but this one won't be a memorable read unfortunately. Nov 24, Ben rated it liked it. As the author, Charles Cumming, states in his foreword, " The Hidden Man" was his "' difficult"' novel. It did not come up to his best.

Christopher Keen is murdered.

He had two sons, one, Mark with whom he had contact,and the other Benjamin, with whom he was estranged. Keen senior had left his wife and sons some twenty years earlier. Benjamin never forgave him for that desertion and could not understand Mark's forgiving of his father. After their father's death, the brothers find out about their As the author, Charles Cumming, states in his foreword, " The Hidden Man" was his "' difficult"' novel.

After their father's death, the brothers find out about their father's hidden life as a British agent and his involvement with Russian criminal figures. The relationship between the two sons and its unraveling comprises nearly the first half of the book. Benmamin , a mildly successful artist comes across as a bitter, moody and depressive character. His wife barely tolerates his and hangs on because, it seems, that it does her career as a journalist good to have an artist husband.

Mark is business manager for a group that runs trendy nightclubs in various countries, including Russia and the U. He is a more likeable and more successful as a person. It is after Mark begins to see connections with his Russian bosses and what might have caused his father's murders that things become more intersting, if also more tangled.

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Perhaps because I read " The Hidden Man" over a busy holiday period, with many interruptions, I had a difficult time keeping the different agents, counter-agents, the tangled net of money movers and thugs identified. Still, by the end, the story got tighter and more interesting. Cumming almost pulled it off and made this a good novel.

I very much rate his espionage novels as of the highest quality, with taut plotting and interesting characters. This one did not quite make it to that level, but It is still better than most. On the three stars rating, and that is because of the author's other novels. Nov 19, Lynn rated it liked it Shelves: spies. Mark and Ben Keen have been estranged from their father for many years. Christopher Keen left the family when he became absorbed in a career with MI6.

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Now retired, he wants to establish a relationship with his sons. His attempts to connect are rebuked by one son and cautiously accepted by the other. The tenuous connection is broken when Christopher is murdered. Mark is an executive with an entertainment company that is opening clubs in Russia. His Russian contacts are of interest to Christopher' Mark and Ben Keen have been estranged from their father for many years.

The Hidden Man

His Russian contacts are of interest to Christopher's old employer. Are they related to the murder? The Hidden Man is Charles Cumming's sophomore effort. It's somewhat lacking compared to other books he's written. The story builds slowly with most of the action occurring close to the end.

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Not bad, but don't be deterred. His later books are top notch. Best left unpublished Cumming has written several exciting spy novels, this isn't one of them. Choppy dialogue, implausible plot twists and heavily stereo typical characters make this a book to wade through. The author stated in the forward to this novel that he resurrected it after many years. My question is why? Was it the lure of lucre? Nesbo has done the same scam with similar results. Goodbye Mr.

Jun 01, Kevin Merchant rated it it was ok. I needed some new authors so was given this as an option in Waterstones. Slow start are the comments made by others. Was pretty much hooked in the first chapter. Was bored by page 42, where is this story going, it seemed to ramble on.

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Too many different characters and "no link between them". Sorry this is a thumbs down from me. Probable back to Jeffrey Deaver. Nov 10, Ann Tonks rated it really liked it Shelves: spy-agencies , russia , families , london. This is one of the best spy novels I've read for a while. Not so much because of the tradecraft and the spying but because of the relationships between father and son, brothers, husband and wife.

May 28, Susan rated it it was amazing. Easy to follow fast moving spy novel. Not Le Carre or Deighton but still very enjoyable. This is an accomplished author so it was very readable. But it was not one of his best. The plot was very convoluted and it was bleak. Apr 03, Flo rated it it was ok. Not interesting, writing just fair. Cumming has written better ones. This is just too much dialog, too intricate, too many people involved in a very obtuse plot. Give it a pass. Jan 18, Larry Lange rated it liked it.

The book was interesting enough but was just not a grabber until the last few pages. I will continue to read his books. I kind of lost the plot at the denouement. May 09, Melissa Johnson rated it it was ok. Wasn't a huge fan of this one.

I almost stopped reading multiple times. The angst and animosity between the brothers made me uncomfortable and the plot line was predictable. Nov 24, Stephen rated it really liked it Shelves: spy-fiction. The story is about two English brothers, Thomas and Benjamin Keen. Then when Thomas draws his brother into the case there are more complications. So this is a book that marries complex family relationships with an insider look at Western intelligence work in Afghanistan during the years of the Soviet occupation.

The novel is suspenseful and a must read for fans of Charles Cumming.