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  1. The Dirty Red Reader's Companion (eBook) by Vickie M. Stringer (Author).
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  6. The Dirty Red Reader's Companion: A Collection of Excerpts.

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Dopeman: Memoirs of a Snitch:. A Moment of Silence. Sleeping With The Enemy. Tears of a Hustler PT 3.

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Some mothers live here with their children, but all the able-bodied young people have long since moved away. The Reverend Stephen Kumalo, a native Zulu, sits in his house writing when a young girl appears with a letter. After sending the girl to the kitchen for some food, Kumalo wonders who may have sent the letter. It is from Johannesburg, but so many members of his family have been in the city for so long without word that it could be from any of them, and he cannot recognize the handwriting.

Apprehensive, Kumalo calls to his wife, who confirms that the letter is not from their son. It is from a minister in Johannesburg named Theophilus Msimangu, who reports that Gertrude is ill and who requests that Kumalo come to the Sophiatown section of Johannesburg. When he realizes that his words are wounding his wife, however, Kumalo calms down and reconciles himself to the inevitable. He and his wife pool the St.

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  • Kumalo apologizes humbly to his wife for his unkindness, then heads off to his church to pray for guidance and forgiveness. His wife watches him through the window with a weariness born from years of suffering. Kumalo waits for the Johannesburg train at Carisbrooke.

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    Jeremy Strong knows just how to pitch a story to junior readers and the three different adventures in this collection have all his hallmarks: exaggerated characters; bags of slapstick; fast, furious storytelling that still leaves children with something to think about. Pudding Lane Primary, as explained in the first story, is the proud owner of a pet ostrich, Iris aka Mad Iris. Loveable world-class detective Timmy Failure is back for a new adventure. And his business partner and side-kick Total, a.

    Can Timmy keep out of trouble at school and ahead of the game? There are laughs a plenty as Timmy finds himself in — and out - of some ludicrous situations. The combination of hilarious words and drawings will have even the most reluctant readers laughing their way through another great story from Stephan Pastis. July Book of the Month Characteristically, Gill Lewis skilfully conjures a vivid sense of landscape and wildlife in a story starring a character driven by her love of wild things and determination to achieve justice for them.

    Bobbie lives on a sheep farm in the Scottish Highlands with her parents and strong-willed, somewhat eccentric grandma. Can they prove it, and protect the eagle? It makes for lively reading — another winner from a writer who always finds the net. Barrington Stoke is the foremost publisher of dyslexia friendly books and those for reluctant readers. The story will satisfy its readers thoroughly and Max looks set to give Dork diarist Nikki a run for her money. Finding out just what leads up to this is very funny indeed and readers will be pleased to hear that Rafe still returns home something of a hero.

    How do you see off the school bully? A farm boy himself he is quite at home with the big bully Olly and he dares Darren to come up close too. A gripping story with a surprising ending. In a nutshell: historical adventures full of facts and fun Not since Horrible Histories has the past been brought to life for young readers so accurately and with so much humour.

    Written in partnership with the National Trust in the form of the diary of a young boy, page to a knight at Widemoat Castle, the story recounts an exciting episode in his life culminating in an attack on the castle by the rebellious Welsh.