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The Dragon Bow has a range of 36" and Strength 6. Hits from this bow count as being from a magical weapon. The Wyrmslayer Sword has been the doom of many monsters menacing the lands of the Empire. Armour saves apply as normal, modified by the Strength of the character, but Large Targets lose their armour save due to the Scaly Skin special ability against hits from this sword.

Any weapon brought to bear against the wearer is repelled by an invisible force. Models attacking the wearer in close combat must pass a Strength test before rolling to hit for every Attack directed at the target ie, roll equal to or less than its Strength on a D6, a 6 always fails. If the test is failed, the Attack is lost.

An armour of burnished Estalian steel, enchanted by Gold Wizards so that any damage suffered by it disappears. In addition the model can re-roll any failed armour save. Wizards can wear this armour and cast spells. The hideous head of the mythical creature known as the Gorgon is depicted on this shield in such detail that it seems alive. Even the fiercest enemies try to avoid its gaze which is rumoured to turn living creatures to stone. In the case of models with different Attacks eg, mounted models the wearer chooses which Attack is lost.

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This suit of armour, forged by the Dwarf Smiths of Zhufbar long ago, is today held in the Imperial armoury of Altdorf. A shield made of bronze can carry a powerful enchantment of protection, but for a short time. Also, the bearer ignores the first hit in the battle suffered from shooting or close combat.

The legendary helm of Count Mandred Skaven Slayer, this relic fills the rat-spawn with dread.

In addition, the wearer causes fear in all models in a Skaven army except non-Skaven Dogs of War. This shroud was laid upon the body of Magnus the Pious after his death. On it one can still see the features of the Savious of the Empire. A model carrying the Shroud and his mount are totally immune to Dark, Skaven and Chaos magic, even if cast with Irresistible Force.


Note that tha spell will not be dispelled and that other models in a unit the character is with will be affected normally. The Grand Theogonist sometimes grants a shard of the Jade Griffon, his badge of office, as a reward for great services. The symbol of Sigmar may take many forms such as a twin-tailed comet, hammer, crown or griffon. The Sigil of Sigmar adds one extra dice to all Dispel rolls against enemy spells that would affect its wearer or the unit he is with. Legends say that the bearer of this pendant is capable of exceptional feats of strength and agility.

The Blade of Unmaking

The wearer automatically passes any characteristic test he has to take except Leadership tests. The Hexstaff is inscribed with ancient sigils of the Old Ones, attracting the magical energies of chaos for the user to mould into mighty spells. The Wizard may draw extra power from the Hexstaff, once per friendly Magic phase. When used, the staff generates D3 additional Power dice roll each Magic phase. However, keep these dice separate using different coloured dice is the best way of doing this as they may only be used by the Wizard with the Hexstaff.

In addition, if the Hexstaff dice roll a 1 when spell is being cast, the Wizard automatically suffers a Miscast for each result of a 1 rolled. Once activated this seal can drain the knowledge of one spell from the mind of an enemy Wizard. The seal has the same effect as a Dispel scroll. In addition, roll a D6. Spells cast from a Bound item will only be removed on the result of a 6.

The Rod of Power absorbs magical energy which its bearer can use to boost his own spells. At the end of each Magic phase, you can save up to three dice from your Power dice pool and store them in the Rod. If the result is equal or higher to the number of Power dice stored, add them to your pool, if the result is lower than the number of dice stored they are lost. Charged with divinatory power, these stones are very useful when a Wizard is manipulating the delicate balance of the Winds of Magic.

Once per battle, the bearer can re-roll one dice used to cast or dispel a spell. This can effectively cancel a Miscast result, or cause Irresistible Force or Miscast. Nothing can be hidden from the inquisitive gaze of Wizards using this powerful scrying device. This includes which magic items are in the unit and who is carrying them, the presence of disguised Assassins, the number of Fanatics and everything else that the player is not normally obliged to disclose to his opponent.

Many Wizards of the Empire carry a staff as a mark of their office and as an aid to their sorcerous powers. The most celebrated heroes of the Empire are decorated with golden laurels that are enchanted by the Imperial Wizards. The sight of a warrior wearing this symbol of victory causes most enemies to run for their lives. Each wound caused by a model wearing the Laurels of Victory but not those caused by his mount will count as 2 Wounds when working on combat resolution. Note that you do not actually cause double wounds on your victim! When the battle seems lost, the bearer can summon the powers of the Rod to turn a rout into steadfast resistance.

The character and the unit he is with will automatically pass the first Break test they have to take, regardless of modifiers and even if they would normally automatically fail their test for example, losing a round of combat against an opponent that outnumbers them and causes fear. If the player forgets to use it, even if he rolls and passes the test, the item is still used up. Note that this item cannot be used by a character in the turn he refused a challenge and who is hiding at the back of the unit who would pay heed to such a coward!

This elegant hunting horn contains a potent spell. Friends who hear its note are filled with courage. The Silver Horn may cast its spell once per Empire Magic phase. The spell requires no Power dice to cast, all the power required is provided by the Horn itself.

Treasures of Albion I by Elisabeth Waters

All friendly units that are fleeing anywhere on the battlefield will rally immediately. The Orb of Thunder spell may be cast once per Empire Magic phase. The spell requires no Power dice to cast, all the power required is provided by the Orb itself and the spell will last until dispelled.

When the Orb of Thunder spell is in play, no flying creatures on the battlefield can use their ability to fly and will have to move on the ground at their normal Movement rate. At the end of each of his Movement phases, the bearer may automatically remove and capture ane randomly determined spell from an enemy Wizard in base contact with him. The bearer can cast the captured spell in his own Magic phase by releasing it from the casket. Products of this store will be shipped directly from China to your country.

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