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Read these, plus: Ken McMillin reviews his graduate students' work with Savanna-cross kids in various management scenarios; Columnist Greg Meiss explains how to read a feed tag and how to use the information to make better buying decisions. Articles include:.

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We can't change the past regardless of whether our idea of it is true or false. What I do know is that I was born as a white South African without anyone asking my permission.

Same as you were born as a black South African without your consent. My parents imigrated from Europe after the 2nd World war. Neither they nor I had anything to do with the years of South Africa's history.

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To suggest that I do is a typical example of racist distortion. I did benefit by having European parents because they understood the capitalist culture. They were well educated and were in a position to give me the guidance which would I could rely on to make a success of my life. The parental guidance of successful parents is what all poor people are deprived of. It doesn't matter what their race. That's why I say it will take more than decades to "repair the injury". It needs generations. I put "repair the injury" in quotes because it wasn't really an injury.

The indigenous people of Africa didn't have a background of capitalist culture so it wasn't injured or stolen. Shouldn't we stop being negative and resentful, instead become positive and understand that our country should come before our race if we want peace and prosperity? Eurocentric, you are the hitchhiking dude with the good stuff, reported on earlier today, yes?

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Eurocentric- I've read some really idiotic comments but yours takes the cake. As for you, you will obviously never change your hate towards other races so trying to convince you that it has no future would be pointless, all I will say is, you will one day have to stand by your convictions and then everyone that knows you will see, are you a MAN or a BOY, I believe..

When the white man landed on these shores they have already invented buckets full.

Northern Elite Boer Goat and Club Lamb Sale

They found a subspecy that had no drive to invent anything. They are alone on this continent for a very long time, yet this specy was only seeking to murder, rape, and sit around farm. Now apparently you were opressed?

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White people have worked for what they have. They are not lazy like the comrades. Picture this. This has not changed since the ealry days by the way. In the meantime the white man will seize the opportunity to better himself - he will carry on working. White people don't take, they earn. Nothing has changed much about the way the black man thinks. Reading a couple of books doesn't make you clever. Stop feeling sorry for yourselves and go and earn a living - this is way you are not progressing but rather seek to take from others what you could not acomplish by yourselves.

Look at Africa, shame. I pity you. Go and invent something without the help of the white man. I dare you. I can't believe you are taking Eurocentric seriously.