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Eyes gleaming with wisdom Tounges telling of truths inversed I have swallowed the hanged mans semen With necrophageous delight And let the Devil enter With all his might And in unbearable shame, enlighted by your fathomless dark I kneel unto thee, father, i am opened Let your daggers pierce through and their poisonous grace be unleashed Through these hungering veins The impurest of blood, the greatest of pains!!! The Devils blood The curse of salvation The odious essence Of His holy revelation It floats from the garden of eden In malevolent grace The Devil's blood Through the pentagram's maze To open the gates to where deformations form To unearthly mysteries and fire From stigmatized wounds now the river of gnosis runs free In the glorious light of the five point star Darkness, starlight in eyes The path reveals so clear now I drink my own blood yet the taste is not mine I behold my reflection yet noone stares back Driven by a lifeless hunger Must have it stilled Drop by drop, curse by curse Until all three cups are filled This soul prayeth not for victory, but for loss This body kneeleth not in vain, but in blood These eyes seeth not nil, but truth These words are spoken not by me, but through The Devils blood The curse of salvation The odious essence Of His holy revelation From the tounges of the serpent Into chalices three The Devil's blood Runneth through me!

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There is a time when you stand still and then you have to go into it a bit deeper, and then it gets really deep and dark. What was it about? Have you started working on the commissioned piece, when did this all begin to take shape? But nothing ever came of it. And then suddenly there was this boost, we had so many things to do.

So, we started, I think, recording demos in June, May maybe, and then from there on. And it has to be perfect. It has to be better than perfect. It has to be something where I can die afterwards.

Devil May Cry 3 Special Edition Music - Taste the Blood (Vergil Version) - Extended

I have this good feeling, okay. This is okay. Roadburn is at the point now where he can ask whoever he wants to perform and do something special, yet he always comes back to his family.

So can you tell me a little bit about that relationship and what it means to play at Roadburn? Walter has always been interested in what everyone was doing and stayed in touch. And his timing to put this together was spot-on. Lots of stuff happened and we all were there together, all the time. Can you reveal anything about the music? This Molasses thing, this is just some ingredients, old ingredients? Actually I am very interested in listening to your opinion on the matter as I find that many fellow journalists are trying to create a certain vibe and image of the band in their writings that I am not sure, having finally met you in person, as to how accurate it is!

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Selim: Well, in a way it is true. I think that the media in general like to concentrate on certain things that will help them sell and you cannot blame them because in the end they are trying to sell newspapers, magazines and get people to visit their websites and whatever, which is fine. As far as this issue is concerned there are a few little lies printed about us but, you know, sometimes it would be nice to talk to people who have actually done their homework, you know? It becomes very clear, a lot of the times very early on, in the conversation where it is that it is going to end up and so I guess that a lot of my supposed negativity comes from having to deal with people like that laughs.

There is no point for me to continue such a conversation. I think that we have been very blessed in a lot of ways!

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The underground Metal scene has given us a home, in a way, which I thought that was very great because, as far as I can tell, we are not a Heavy Metal band, you know? The small media has supported us since the very beginning, the bigger media are now starting to notice us as well but I think that it is very important for us to maintain the focus on the entire group, you know? I am pretty realistic when it comes to that! If good, honest, dedicated people want to do something with us then, why not?

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We have a good manager and we have a good finance guy, we have a tour manager and they all make sure that the buses get where they need to be on time and we only then do this — like children in the playground, waiting for our parents to pick us up laughs! Selim:…this was really not our choice this time, to be honest. This time round it never came up as an issue. We played with Watain in Sweden and, I mean, those were fantastic evenings in a lot of different ways as you get to mix energy between different branches of the same root!

Selim: It could be difficult, yes, and that is one of the biggest problems when you are doing festivals, obviously, as it is a mixed thing, you know? I do not wish to analyse or discuss it because I understand and respect the fact that is something very personal, what I do want to ask however is whether it is important to you as the creator of the music and purveyor of that message that the people who attend your shows and buy your records are similarly minded.

Is that what you wish or is it unimportant by the end of the day? Selim: I hope that this is what people do — I hope that they will allow for us a possibility to explain our reasoning…I hope that people forget about what they know and that they appreciate all the mysteries that are still out there and if some people are to be drawn only to the music, fine.