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Tal vez. Caronte It forces the listener to contemplate the complexities of the Passion story.

Johannes Passion BWV 245

Of these, the St John Passion tended to be regarded as the poor relation — considered cruder and less finely honed than the iconic St Matthew Passion. It is doubtful whether Bach saw things in quite this way. From the inception of his first Leipzig cantata cycle in May , he set himself the herculean task of composing new music each week for all the festivals in the church year, his initial target being a minimum of two complete annual cycles, each with a Passion setting as its high point.

The St John Passion, written for Good Friday , was to be the central jewel in the necklace of cantatas he had fashioned so far.

We became aware of how, in his choice of cantata texts and in his selection of chorales in the period before Lent , Bach carefully prepared his listeners for the contemplative commentary that the chorales were to fulfil on Good Friday in his first Passion setting. Our familiarity with these cantatas also served to modify and enrich our interpretation of the work when we revisited it in It all pointed towards viewing the St John Passion as a climactic statement of a very personal kind in which Bach sought to crystallise a number of the themes and techniques he had been systematically developing in his cantatas over the preceding year, experimenting with different ways of combining and ordering choruses, chorales, recitatives and arias.

Bach: St. John Passion (Malaysia Bach Festival)

For twenty years he had been waiting for such a chance: to show on a large canvas what modern music — his music — could do towards defining and strengthening belief. In Leipzig on Good Friday , for example, a Passion oratorio author and composer unknown was being performed for the first time during the morning service at the Neukirche.

Neither the music nor the text has been recovered, but subsequent Passion settings over the next few years give us a clue to the tastes then prevalent at the court of the Duke of Saxe-Gotha, with his small hand-picked audience, and at similar courts throughout Germany.

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The language of Hunold and Brockes is physically explicit, garish and saccharine by turns, but it clearly corresponded to a type of non-liturgical devotional literature in vogue at ducal courts and in a cosmopolitan city such as Hamburg. How far Bach went down this road in his Gotha Passion of always assuming that such a work ever existed is hard to say, though some scholars think that movements from it were recycled in his second version of the St John Passion in In the early years of the eighteenth century an appetite had clearly grown for Passiontide meditations in music in a variety of forms.

There were thus new opportunities for composers to meet this demand, just as there had been for painters on either side of the denominational divide in the previous century the key figures then, of course, being Rubens and Rembrandt. New music could now be attached to texts in which the Passion story was retold in graphic, even lurid, terms, with periodic eruptions of outrage and protest — a kind of heckling by the contemporary witnesses — built into the narration.

Bach, J.S.: St. John Passion by Johann Sebastian Bach on Spotify

A document has survived from , which provides us with a clue as to their likely reaction. The Pietist pastor Christian Gerber describes how:. Fifty and more years ago it was the custom for the organ to remain silent in church on Palm Sunday, and on that day, because it was the beginning of Holy Week, there was no music.

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    This code is only valid for 10 days! However Bach experimented to the greatest degree with the second version, dating from for instance, he used a different opening chorus which was later to become the closing chorus of the first part of the St Matthew Passion, a work yet to be composed at this stage and a couple of other arias near the end of the work.

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    • For the later performances he reverted to his first version from , albeit with some differences in instrumentation. For instance, in the final version he includes a bassono grosso , but no one knows for certain which instrument he had in mind; possibly a foot bassoon, i.

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      I cannot believe that Bach would opt for such an instrument in this passage; an 8-foot bassoon is more likely and the term bassono grosso probably indicates this more modern type of instrument rather than the earlier dulcian, although the latter had not totally fallen out of fashion at the time. However, I would not venture a definite opinion as to what bassono grosso means in this context.

      So we did not use this instrument: this was yet another reason to stick with the first version, since it raises fewer uncertain issues. Nevertheless, there are still various grey areas involved.

      St John Passion, BWV 245, Part 2: No. 16a Recitative "Da Führeten Sie Jesum" (1724 Version)

      Even prior to the first performance, before making the individual orchestral parts, Bach began to write out the score in fine calligraphy, a task he did not complete; and this score deviates in some aspects from the orchestral material used in the actual performance. The process of determining the most probable historical truth continues to have elements reminiscent of a detective novel; anyway, it will never be possible to clarify certain details.

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