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Richard Ford

Adam Critchley is a Mexico-based freelance writer and translator. His translations include a series of children's books based on indigenous Mexican folk tales. He can be contacted at adamcritchley hotmail.


Richard Ford. The goal of the male narrators in these stories is to somehow define their masculinity through their environment or actions. Although he tries to define his masculinity through sexual potency, this action results in his ultimate failure to attain some semblance of self-made manhood. Lucy, the girl in the story, is neither a mother nor a wife, but she also seeks to escape from her family and Canadian life.

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Her role in the story is marginal because she is simply transient. The narrator states that both he and Claude would be gone within the next year, and their experiences with Lucy only serve to make visible their sexual desires as newly-initiated young men. She has no permanence in their lives. This propels them to their later departure from this isolated environment, but for Lucy, it only sends her — delicate and naive — to other sexual experiences.

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Ford marginalizes women in the face of masculine coming-of-age by characterizing them as transient and transparent, or dangerous — a threat to the ideals of the Self-Made Man. However, her presence alone in the narrative would seem to refute the idea that she is marginalized. Yet, this is not the case because she, unlike the women in the other stories, is not an adult, and therefore is not naturally expected to be independent. As a runaway, she must take the initiative of leaving, and having control over her own life.

By giving her this role, it would be natural to assume that she is an independent entity.

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However, the storyline shows that she is not independent, but rather, passive. She is taken fishing by George and Claude, both Claude and Sherman sleep with her, and she is taken to the bus station at the end of the story. Although she initiates making out with George and taking off her dress, both actions are in the context of larger events that she has no control over.

She has little control over where she goes next because it is the boys who decide to take her to the bus station in Great Falls. As the new century commenced, he published another story collection, A Multitude of Sins , followed by the novels The Lay Of The Land, the third Bascombe novel published during , and Canada , published during May However, during April , Ford read from a new Frank Bascombe story without revealing to the audience whether or not it was part of a longer work.

It did not win the prize, but the selection committee praised the book for its "unflinching series of narratives, set in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, insightfully portraying a society in decline.

Dr. Richard Ford

Also, as he did in the preceding decade, Ford continued to assist with various editing projects. In , Wildlife was adapted into a film of the same name by director Paul Dano and screenwriter Zoe Kazan. It was released to widespread critical acclaim. Ford's writing demonstrates "a meticulous concern for the nuances of language Ford has described his sense of language as "a source of pleasure in itself—- all of its corporeal qualities, its syncopations, moods, sounds, the way things look on the page".

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  • Besides this "devotion to language" is what he terms "the fabric of affection that holds people close enough together to survive. Ford resists such comparisons, commenting, "You can't write You can only write a good story or a good novel by yourself".

    Diagnosis and Ethics in Richard Ford's A Multitude of Sins

    Ford's works of fiction "dramatize the breakdown of such cultural institutions as marriage, family, and community," and his "marginalized protagonists often typify the rootlessness and nameless longing Ford once sent Alice Hoffman a copy of one of her books with bullet holes in it after she angered him by unfavorably reviewing The Sportswriter.

    Ford once spat on Colson Whitehead after a negative review of A Multitude of Sins , resulting in speculation that the incident may have been racially motivated rather than a matter of critical differences. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

    This article is about the American author. For other people, see Richard Ford disambiguation.

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    A Piece of My Heart. The Sportswriter. Alfred A. Atlantic Monthly Press. Paris Review