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Please try your request again later. Attorney and journalist, Pedro Braga is even considered a writer.

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He simply takes pleasure in writing. In general, his novels deal with existential questions, especially the feeling of loss, of consternation, but also of the overcoming of all obstacles that life puts in the way of each person. Human beings among other human beings, his characters are often weakened by the force of circumstance, but, nevertheless, know how to give a meaning to life. Their narrator even captures their suffering with softness and subtlety, and imparts an aura of dignity to the character.

He made the first translation from medieval French to Portuguese of a beautiful medieval courtly love story, Aucassin and Nicolette.

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Pedro Braga's autobiography is entitled De Fantasmas e Loucura. His blog: www. Are you an author? Help us improve our Author Pages by updating your bibliography and submitting a new or current image and biography. Learn more at Author Central. Previous page.

Kindle Edition. James Joyce Em Brasilia. Next page. There's a problem loading this menu right now. Get fast, free delivery with Amazon Prime. Books By Pedro Braga. Apr 20, Since the trace of the fault is masked by terrace and talus material, Note 3 of drawing Ref.

Drill hole PT-M-7 investigated the fault between 40 and feet. A rating of 10 points, very poor rock, was assigned to this material. A rating of 29 points in the Geomechanics Classification, poor rock was assigned to this material. The uniaxial compressive strength is low in general, and varies from 1. A rating of 29 points, poor rock, was assigned to the zone.

The argillites have a compressive strength that varies from 16,8 to 67,5 MPa low strength. A rating of 69 points, good rock, was assigned to this zone. These were also rated as good rock. A rating of 75 points, good rock, was assigned to the zone.

Itacurubí de la Cordillera

During the rainy season a landslide fell on the stream and this diverted the waters toward the tunnel. Following is the description of the twelve zones of similar geotechnical characteristics that were found. There are no detailed geological descriptions of the first m of the tunnel.

The ratings are presented in Table 3.

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The excavation was very difficult, in half-section, with the installation of type IV support, without any advance during the month of October of During november only 27 m had been advanced, 24 m in December, 17 m in January, 27,5 m in February, and 13,2 m in March. From the point of view of the excavation, the proper breccia zona was found m before expected according to the tender documents, contributing to the problems of this zone see Table 3.

They were classified as poor rock. This terrain had good self-support so it only needed some 10 cm of gunite at the crown and 5 cm at the walls. This terrain was rated with 64 points, which is a good rock. Several stretches had to be lined with type III supports. The zone was rated with 52 points, corresponding to a fair rock.

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It is un-conformable with an inclination of only 10"SB on JR2 conglomerates. This rock was rated with 20 points; this is very poor rock. It was lined with type III support, including up to 20 cm of gunite, 7 rock-bolts per meter and steel arches. This stretch has rock rated with 52 points, fair rock. It was lined with type II and I support. The factor that most contributed to the low performance was the lithologic variability in very short lengths.

ITW Patricio Guzmán - La Cordillère des songes - Octobre ‘19

In reality this member is not homogeneous like member JR3, but its characteristic is litholoqic heterogeneity, presenting sandstones, calcareous siltstones and argillites, alternately in thick or thin beds, each one of them with different geomechanical properties. This obviously delays the expected performance of 4 m shots in what was supposed to be rock of "excellent characteristics". When drilling sub vertical rocks with this type of bedding, and consequently, of fracturation , the drilling speed is less than in massive and compact strata, the blasting performance is less than in compact rock, the mucking operations are longer, etc.

Thin zones of faulted rock, in several directions, and a considerable amount of water started to appear. This groundwater, foreseen in general by the tendering documents, flows from the fractured zones and the bedding planes. These rocks were rated with 46 points, being classified as fair rocks, of lesser quality than those of the previous zone. Actually, they had to be supported with from 5 to 15 cm of shotcrete, 7 rock bolts per meter and others along the walls and mesh along the crown In the first half of the stretch, with type II support and later type I in the second half.

The low performance that was obtained again has its logical explanation in the fracturation of the rock mass, its variability, and the water inflows. In any case, this rock is not a "rock of excellent characteristics".

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It consists of red sandstones and calcareous siltstones alternating with quartzitic pebble conglomerates. Several small faults were crossed again and the natural jointing was variable from high fracturation to extremely high fracturation up to abscissa Km t , and then low fracturation when the conglomerates are left behind and the tunnel passes to gray and red siltstones, partly high in calcareous content.

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There was plenty of groundwater in the sandstones, calcareous siltstones and conglomerates, while the sector with gray and red silt-stones is dry. The orientation in the second curve is unfavorable, so 10 points were discounted as a rating adjustment for discontinuity orientation. This stretch was rated with 40 points, poor rock. The support that was installed was of type I, although in the most fractured sector it needed 5 cm of shotcrete and 4 to 5 rock bolts per meter in the crown. Further on they found again fine-grained reddish sandstones, a conglomerate and gray and red siltstones with local abundant calcareous cement JR2.

The degree of fracturation increased from low to moderate and high, and once more there was abundant groundwater in the most jointed sector. However the same problems that were mentioned for zones 6, 7 and 8 continued delaying the work, even though excavation driving with steeply dipping beds is very favorable.

The rocks were rated with 56 points, which is fair rock. The support was of type I, although the last 65 m had a few centimeters of shotcrete in the crown. The zone was supported with shotcrete and metallic mesh.