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To see all the catty comments is sad…. I had a gorgeous friend in the s who also jumped to his death. Many people like them are still insecure. Sad and tragic…. A terrible choice on how to permanently end your existence. How sad for the people he left behind. Hussain-TheCanadian : Happiness is a subjective point of view.

Balls for doing it. Have you been thinking of killing yourself? He had lived in out town and we had a lovely, festive memorial meal, per his wishes. Get involved with your local suicide prevention services, or do a simple course: mental health first aid, etc.

If anyone asked me how I was and if I was thinking of suicide. Tactless and tacky. Spending time with a person might give a better view of their mood. There are so many beautiful people, gay guys, twinks, what have you, these days. In this narcissistic culture of selfies and videos and blogs.

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Beauty only gets you so far. But why the hell does he have an article written about him?! Society today…smh. Stache : In Someone jumped off the top of a 4 story parking garage right across the street from where I worked. So we totally saw the people who stopped and tried to give the guy CPR until the medics got there. He ended up dying but it was not quick and painless that is for sure. Kill me please someone. I jumped out of plane for the first time a couple months ago. Bucket list shit. Before the chute opened I fell at least 10 stories worth.

One of the most terrifying things I ever did and I had a parachute on.

Jorge Ahumada, Ph.D.

Nobody cares. People off themselves every day. Seriously, does this really matter to anyone here? I assumed he was a porn star and Andrew Christian was a porn label. It is always sad that someone is in so much pain that they prefer dying to continue on this earth. And, if this guy were a bus driver from Oshkosh would we even be hearing about it?

NO death is insignificant. The truly sad thing is that he was suffering and unable to reach out to someone who might have cared. Lets see. Hot guy who worked for 2. Andrew Christian a gay company a while ago. I just look at this as a post about suicide. Everyone has either thought of it or knew someone who did. The few survivors say they regretted the act the instant they left the railing.

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Knowing that just tore me up inside. He was well known in town and there was the expected flowers, pictures and postings on the bank wall at 18th and Castro. I cannot imagine anything more awful than those 1. People care enough to have read and commented on the article. Even you troll, though in your case it was simply to see if you could cause upset. Perhaps you need to take a couple of the pills you like enough to name yourself after, and follow that with a glass of wine or two. Perhaps that might dull your bitterness for a bit.

It is sad that he committed suicide. From what I can tell he had a good life ahead of him. No idea of his personal demons that drove him to this, and I doubt it will ever be revealed. Very sad to hear as it is for every person in the world that feels there is no way out other than to take your own life. I know, I have been there and , luckily , with the help of a friend, was saved. I am glad to be alive today. Not then, but now. I hope if the signs of mental illness rear their ugly head that people get help asap.


He quickly integrated himself into the social scene in Chicago and Los Angeles and made a name for himself as a lifestyle coach and image consultant. In Chicago, a prominent lawyer asked Jorge to create a gown for her. His beautiful and soft architectural designs caught the attention of fashion producers. The show was unexpectedly canceled five days prior to the launch. Artists and fashion designers showcased their craft free of charge. It was natural for me to help my community", says del Busto.

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  4. His most passionate goal was to put Chicago and the Midwest on the fashion map similar to the cities of Paris, Milan and New York, etc. It was not just about me. Today Jorge del Busto is based in Los Angeles where he is rebranding and creating his beautiful signature designs for private clients and select and exclusive specialty fashion venues. Model: Gordana Simunovic. Model: Gordana Simunovi. Gordana, del Busto, Frances.

    Model: Frances Parson. Photos by Rayne Fitton. Rayne Fitton Photographer in Action. Model: Sasha Azovtseva. Model Ryley Gordon.

    Brittany Mason. Model: Brittany Mason. Model: Neneh Rubie. Beaded Top. Eugenia Kuzmina. Cannes Film Festival.