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Bohning well knows, another court was asked to consider — in a libel case launched and lost by E. A jury of Hunt's peers found that he had not been so libeled, and that all three named individuals had likely participated in the assassination. Bohning wishes to use court records to argue his case, it would help to note the court records that also impeach his case. David Sanchez Morales was without doubt in charge of training and preparation of the intelligence and operations groups of exiles which were to be taken into Cuba to assist in a transition of government after a successful overthrow of Castro.

Carl Jenkins and other paramilitary trainers assisted in the military preparation and of special groups of exiles. According to the research carried out by Larry Hancock, Morales and Jenkins, were both involved in training members of Operation These highly select small teams and individual agents appear to have been managed by Carl Jenkins, long time CIA paramilitary trainer and infiltration specialist.

While it's certainly possible that Operation 40 has been much maligned, and was designed to penetrate into Cuba and blow things up, but not assassinate anyone, it is quite clear that certain Cubans were to be singled out and detained after the Bay of Pigs invasion. It is willfully and woefully naive to believe that at least some of these men were not ordered to be killed. The CIA's own internal history would not rule this out, and even printed a "must go" list found in the files.

In his article, Mr.

He points out that Ray was asked: "What was Operation 40? It was outside of our organization. This is of course true, but Ray had a lot more to say about Operation 40, that Mr. Bohning decides to ignore. On 19th May , J. This, he emphasized, limited any support which could have been given to the invading forces. So, if not Operation 40, what was the name of the team picked to round up and control those on the "must-go" list, or whatever expanded list they were provided, prior to the Bay of Pigs?

No invasion could have been successful without such a group. No "penetration" of a few thousand troops could possibly have hoped to succeed without a concurrent operation designed to minimize an effective response. Perhaps Mr. Bohning can use his considerable contacts within the CIA and anti-Castro Cuban communities, and identify just who these men were, and who trained them, if they were not the men identified by researchers and historians.

However, she told me that he was not at liberty to discuss his work with the CIA. It seems that he has now changed his mind about his freedom to do this.

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Maybe Mr. In a section on Commandos, there is discussion of the use of abductions and assassinations targeted against Cuban G-2 intelligence informants, agents, officers, and foreign Communists to raise the morale of people inside Cuba. Bohning then goes on to deal with my claims that Quintero and Jenkins were linked to the assassination of John F. The most likely source is Gene Wheaton, a strange duck who surfaced around the time of the Iran-Contra scandal, with which Quintero, Jenkins and Wheaton all became entangled.

Bohning is being disingenuous. Jenkins, in a telephone interview, described Wheaton "as a piece of work," and cautioned me that "you should read a book on paranoia before you do any more. He Wheaton is a paranoid character of grandiosity and conspiracy. He's got to be in the middle of everything. Always seems to be one of these little guys on the fringe Let us look at what we really know about Gene Wheaton during this period.

In Wheaton became vice president of a cargo airline called National Air. He asked Carl Jenkins to become the company's representative in Washington. He agreed and Jenkins introduced Wheaton to George H. Bush and Oliver North. Later Wheaton was to receive Presidential commendation for his anti-drug work. In October, , Congress agreed to vote 27 million dollars in non-lethal aid for the Contras in Nicaragua.

However, members of the Ronald Reagan administration decided to use this money to provide weapons to the Contras and the Mujahideen in Afghanistan. Wheaton was recruited to use National Air to transport these weapons. Casey refused to take any action, claiming that the agency or the government was not involved in what later became known as Irangate. Hoven arranged for Wheaton to meet with Daniel Sheehan, a left-wing lawyer. Wheaton told him that Tom Clines and Ted Shackley had been running a top-secret assassination unit since the early s.

According to Wheaton, it had begun with an assassination training program for Cuban exiles and the original target had been Fidel Castro. Eugene Hasenfus, an Air America veteran, survived the crash and told his captors that he thought the CIA was behind the operation. He also provided information on two Cuban-Americans running the operation in El Savador. This resulted in journalists being able to identify Rafael Quintero and Felix Rodriguez as the two Cuban-Americans mentioned by Hasenfus.

On 12th December, , Daniel Sheehan submitted to the court an affidavit detailing the Irangate scandal. He also claimed that Thomas Clines and Ted Shackley were running a private assassination program that had evolved from projects they ran while working for the CIA. It was eventually discovered that President Ronald Reagan had sold arms to Iran.

The money gained from these sales was used to provide support for the Contras, a group of guerrillas engaged in an insurgency against the elected socialist Sandinista government of Nicaragua. Both the sale of these weapons and the funding of the Contras violated administration policy as well as legislation passed by Congress. On 23rd June, , Judge James L. King ruled that some of Sheehan's allegations were "based on unsubstantiated rumor and speculation from unidentified sources with no firsthand knowledge".

This was one of the highest sanction orders in history and represented four times the total assets of the Christic Institute.

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Writing about the covert activities of the CIA is a difficult process. Many of the documents that you would wish to use are still not declassified. Also, one would not expect people carrying out covert and possibly illegal activities, to keep a documentary record of their actions. It is for the reader to decide if these men are more likely to be telling the complete story than Carl Jenkins and Rafael Quintero. More serious researchers need to be aware of such charlatans. FBI memorandum from S. Document: District Court, Miami, Florida, March 31, Sometimes the meaning is difficult to discern.

Carbon [paper] is used to copy type.

I concur. Seymour Hersch was one of these CIA media assets. John, I will review your article later this week to see if I have something of value to contribute. If you want a sworn statement. My attorneys already have such a document in their possession to validate my assertions and to. I have now edited my reply to Don Bohning's article and have sent a copy to the Association of Former Intelligence Officers. John, the AFIO folks won't file any suit against you because if they do take you to court you can call Bohniing as a witness, along with Carl Jenkins, Rafael Quintero and anybody else still alive who are mentioned in the articles, and they would have to answer your questions they won't answer now, in court under oath with a penalty for perjury.

Every independent researcher should want another round of sworn witness testimony, which would advance the case by light years, and a libel case would do it, but they won't let that happen. Don Bohning needs to consult with legal counsel. In order to launch an action against you, John, the AFIO would need to demonstrate it has standing to do so: i. There is nothing in your postings that defames AFIO.

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Bohning is bluffing. Mind you, I'm sure AFIO has the financial resources to covertly underwrite an action against you should one of the parties you named wish to pursue it. However, that would require their individual willingness to face hostile questions about their background in open court. However, if memory serves, not one of those cases he launched ever reached open court.

This demonstrates Phillips was unwilling to have his dirty linen aired in open court. Rather, a settlement was reached in each case, the terms of which were kept secret by non-disclosure language written into the settlement. He was often successful as a nuisance through intimidation and superior financial resources, but never did prevail based upon the facts or merits of a case, because those were never heard, let alone adjudicated.

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In point of fact, nothing you've posted reaches the level of libel contained in Bohning's own contribution, accusing you - as he does - of being an underhanded charlatan whose motivation is more determined by militant leftist ideology than a pursuit of the truth. If defamation has occurred, it has not been by you citing the writing and testimony of others, but by Bohning in his quest to discredit those who seek the resolution of this historical event.

We do not respond to letters to the editors about articles but have referred your email and attachment to Mr. His reply, if any, will appear in the next issue. The man who believes the congress's duty to keep government agencies accountable to it, and to the law, was. John, I say 'Let her 'rip'' and put it up on this site and ask others to post it far and wide. I'd only add a final paragraph pointing out that the Journal refuses to let attacked persons reply or present their side.

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They even go so far as to allow the original attacker to have a second 'go'. What can one expect from the US 'intelligence' [an oxymoron] community. One of their main functions is propaganda and propaganda doesn't admit to equal time or rebuttals, nor playing fair.