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Ever since then, Paige has loved the Southwestern U. She was able to stay in one place long enough to go to high school and university in Des Moines, Iowa, attending Drake University studying journalism. Paige Shelton made her debut in with the adventure novel Chewy Moon. She made her debut writing mysteries in with Farm Fresh Murder. With Sanana around, strange things start to happen.

Baseballs glow in the dark. Cats dive for catches in the outfield. With all this weird stuff going on, why would Josie want to follow Sanana anywhere? But one dark night somehow Sanana convinces Josie that they must go on a secret adventure together. All sorts of magic, mystery, and mischief follow the two new friends.

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Fried Chicken: An American Story

Would you read a book only based on the cover and the description? View Results. The fact that it tied into why the ghost was there in the first place helped to justify the ghost being there in the first place. A lot of clues found were with the help of the ghost and I don't th I guess I'm the only one that didn't know about the ghosts. A lot of clues found were with the help of the ghost and I don't think the clues would have been found had he not been there.

I guess more ghosts show up in the rest of the series, but I hope this ghost comes back later. Now that I've said 'ghosts' 6 times, let's make it an even ghosts, ghosts, ghosts and ghosts. Mar 21, Nancy Ellis rated it really liked it. A friend had been urging me to read this for quite some time, knowing how much I enjoyed having ghosts in books.

I finally got around to it and enjoyed it tremendously! It was so much fun to read. It was well written, not overly simplistic as so many "cozies" can be, and I did love Jerome, the star ghost in this first book of the series. I will definitely read the other books and hope she continues to write for this series. Nov 02, Lauren rated it it was ok. Maybe if you find out someone you know and are closely related to!

Especially if they are working to clear you of a murder charge. Seriously, FIVE freaking minutes to prevent them from bumbling around. It's not a character-building trait they have to learn their-selves! Apr 26, Janice rated it liked it. I almost gave up reading when the ghost showed up.. I may read the sequels, we'll see. The "mystery" was not crafted very well. I did enjoy the charactors. Bett's and her Gram, Grams cooking school and the old boyfriend who shows up as the town sheriff of Broken Rope Missouri.

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May 20, Guera25 rated it it was ok. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Betts Winston dropped out of law school and slunk home to help her grandmother run her country cooking school. Why she dropped out is never explained, but it's implied that Betts just wasn't fulfilled as a law student and only found peace and meaning when she came home to find herself in tiny Broken Rope, Missouri. Fulfillment is the go-to excuse for these cozies when the author needs to explain why Our Hero ine decides to leave -One plucky, down-on-her-heels heroine making a new start?

Fulfillment is the go-to excuse for these cozies when the author needs to explain why Our Hero ine decides to leave the big city and settle in a town that time forgot. It's more glamorous than admitting that the plot mule to which our narrative wagon is hitched for the next three hundred pages was an incredible dullard who couldn't hack their chosen career path and washed out after a semester-and-a-half to live with their disappointed parents, who aren't even getting rent out of the deal.

In this case, Betts is the school's resident gofer, though she tries to dress it up by saying she's her grandmother's assistant. Uh huh. She stocks shelves, cleans, and does some half-assed shopping, and even those arduous duties fall by the wayside as she "investigates" the mystery at hand. However will her seventy-eight-year-old grandmother--who does all of the actual teaching and student evals--survive without her incalculable contributions? Check, and boy, does this character get a workout, because Betts is bland as institutional gruel. Gram, a. We'll just have to take her word for it, though, because the only time we see her cook, she sets a chicken breast on fire and nearly burns down the kitchen when she doesn't immediately call the fire department.

But totally the best cook. The best. Because this is a cozy mystery and we have to have a reason for Our Heroine to get involved in the plot and take center stage, Gram is arrested for murder when her friend, Everett turns up dead in the school supply closet. Thus, it's up to Betts to don the cape and save the day.

How to Make Fried Chicken Legs - Crispy Fried Chicken and Flies Attack

Oh, goody. As a bonus, the hunky love interest is Betts' first love, Cliff Sebastian, The One Who Got Away, and he's also the new deputy, which means he'll be shoehorned into the plot at every opportunity and thereby produce ample grist for Betts' overworked and unceasing angst and self-pity mill, whose machinery should be smoking from gross overuse thirty pages in but somehow chugs along for another two hundred and thirty.

Edinburgh Bookshops, Cooking School Mysteries, and Ghostly Inspiration with Paige Shelton

You lucky reader, you. On his own, Cliff would be a good character, a bit one-note, maybe, but this is a cozy mystery, not Othello and one note can make a delightful ditty in skilled hands. Alas for us, Cliff isn't allowed to exist or act beyond Betts' petulant pining or the lens through which she sees him.

Despite the fact that Betts left him, and that ten years have elapsed since their last contact, Betts pouts like a preteen when she learns that poor Cliff had the audacity to build a life for himself without her in it. He's married? He might've had children? Bear in mind that Betts is thirty years old and has dated several men since their doomed love affair. But never mind that.

Somehow, the fact that Cliff moved on with his life is a horrible betrayal. Apparently, Betts, a grown woman ostensibly living in the really world, honestly believed that the man she cast aside in pursuit of her dreams all those years ago would wait for her. This isn't inference, by the by.

She says this to her brother at one point we'll get to him later. And she believes it. I've written it. It's emotional catnip for me, and I don't blame anyone who eats it up with a double-fisted spoon. But I've never seen a lovelorn character resent the object of their desire for daring to have a life once they were pushed aside.

Yet here we see it on full display and without apology. A grown woman acts like a ten-year-old eno queen at the merest hint that her lost love isn't drinking his life away without her lurve to nourish his languishing soul. It's jarring and repulsive, and as relieved as I was when it was revealed that Cliff was divorced, and that the little girl in his company was his niece, I was also angry because that meant Betts' creepy, inappropriate mooning and stropping was going to be rewarded. And it is, of course.

By the story's end, we learn that Cliff never really loved his wife and has been holding a torch for Betts for all these years. She's pettish, judgmental, stupid as a box of hair, and mercurial. What wouldn't crank up a guy's rheostat? Methinks that two years from now, Cliff will be headed across the county line in that patrol car of his to hide from the paranoid succubus who thinks he's flirting with every woman in town, and who wakes him up in the middle of the night in her room at her parents' house to nag him about why he doesn't taaalk to her.

Just eat the gun, Cliff. It's faster. His name is Jake, and he runs the town historical society, because they've got to have someone in these ideal-life fantasies with access to historical records.