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About the Book Do you see it It's right there on the horizon, next to the morning sun It's a chance and a choice. Lucado finds hope, light and reason amongst them all. Max includes a very extensive question and answer section for each chapter. These questions will steer you closer to the answers you are looking for. You will not be disapointed in finding yourself a copy of this wonderful book.


You will refer to it multiple times as you seek to find answers to some of your most difficult questions. I am amazed at the advice, answers and practical ways Max has gathered to help you along your way. The opinions here are all mine and I was not paid to give any type of review — positive or negative. Tags: help , hope , howto , max lucado , practical , prayer , Spiritual Leave a Reply Click here to cancel reply.

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    Please try again later. Format: Paperback Verified Purchase. Fab book. Very challenging. Another Lucado classic. It gives wonderful perspective for each day and reminds you that each day is a blessing despite what it may hold. Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. Very thought provoking and a useful tool in walking daily with Jesus. Format: Hardcover Verified Purchase.

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    Format: Paperback. This is not a book that I relate to, but it is on a subject that is deeply personal. Given I feel disengaged throughout, the book does not have the intended impact on me. There may be reasons why this is the case with me. First, the examples drawn from life are not encounters that I resonate with. At places, I feel that the author is trivialising the examples he uses. For example, how can our grey and dull days be compared to a POW in Vietnam for seven and a half years in incarceration?

    Second, broken and incomplete sentences really do not help develop any concepts or idea as relationships or causation are chopped up. It is not a writing style that can probe deep into any subject, leaving everything loosely connected at a superficial level. I am not saying that it has nothing worthwhile to say, but that it is not developed enough to drill into my mind through some vigorous thinking process.

    Third and perhaps most important of all, something fundamental is missing. The recommendations seem to be detached rather than rooted in our profound relationship with Christ which needs to be deepened and nurtured in our walk with Him.

    For example, we do not trust Christ,His promises without knowing who He is. Nor do we accept the teaching of the Scripture without first accepting the authority of the Scripture.

    Love Your Work and Life Challenge - Day 2.5 The Secret to a Great Day

    The impression of the recommendations puts the onus on us to change, to renew our minds, to think differently. Is it really possible?

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    All in all it sounds like a self-help book. But when we come to Christ, the more we walk in Him, the more our orientation shifts from self to Him. In the end, our life should be Christ-centred not self-centred. It is this shift that makes a lot of the struggles caused by and viewed from self-centredness irrelevant - therefore problem solved through a different way by abiding in Him and attaching to the true vine for life John