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I have an old BC Rich, with a different head than the usual ones.

It sounds like fucking crap. It has a high sentimental value.

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I do not have a huge guitar collection. But at some sort of weak moment 10 odd years ago, I had to sell it. But when you start touring in bands, you sort of change your perspective a little bit and what you think is actually a cool guitar.

Me And My Guitar: Ghost B.C.'s Nameless Ghoul and his Gibson RD interview

At home, all the music is written on my guitar here at home, which is a regular black Gibson SG, which is highly regular. In the studio we tend to use one set of things and live we use Gibson RDs and those are really good for the live thing. Also, just for the coloration of the sound, we want to use different guitars in the studio.

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A Les Paul sounds different to an SG, a Flying V sounds different to a hollow body, so you can get a lot of rich sounds if you use a different set for everything. For the latest album, we rented everything.

Diodak Ghost Guitars

We were in Stockholm and had a lot of contacts, collectors with cool guitars. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Hit enter to search or ESC to close. And, after this family interlude, all those artists who have marked his musical existence. Congrats the artist!

Diodak Ghost Guitars Telecaster | Keymusic

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