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I would read the second book in the series, but it will be written by Devon McCormack, and I'm just not a fan of his style. I may come back for the third book. Jan 06, Claude rated it really liked it. I mean I don't know or I know but I just don't want admit it to myself if in his shoes I would have taken the same decisions.

He has somehow sacrificed a "possible" great career to take care of his mother and his brother who has Trisomy 21 Kenny is an amazing character. Just read this book to meet him.

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And he never regretted it. Not a single day. No bitterness, just infinite love for his family. His plans for the future changed, he had to adapt and managed to find a job that makes him even more heroic in my eyes Just that. At the top of all this he managed to create a football team with children suffering from the same disease as his brother. As a Doctor, I imagine the height of this gesture. The happiness of these children. Having the opportunity to do something that society feels we can not do is incredible. I was so smiling big during every matches.

This is the kind of thing I want to do.

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Bring unmeasurable happiness to anyone but more to those whose life is more "complicated". Beau is a thing of beauty, inside and outside. I'm kidding tough, he was awesome too. He is a professional footballer who after an eighth slip is dismissed by his team. He's a mess. Well, as my mum says "when we don't know where we go, we look where we come from". So he went home. But he's just alone in this world. His parents are no longer there and he has no siblings.

He feels alone. Very alone. He seeks to rebuild himself, to know who he really is. The young high school star that everyone loved? Or the football star that everyone has loved for a while until the lapse? He is lost. And luckily for him he falls on Beau. These two together was cute. Ashton has long struggled against his feelings for men in general.

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Professional gay athlete? We all know. So it's very difficult for him to confess his buried feelings, even more to confess them to someone else. It took him a while but he finally got there and in what way!


As usual Riley Hart writes hot scenes. I love it! And they are funny! Only you. This boy fell on a great family. His mother is strong. We understand where Beau is coming from. Kenny studies, practices a sport, has a girlfriend.

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A life that can clearly be described as ordinary, because he's loved. I hope there are plenty of people like these two out here. I love Riley Hart! It's never gonna change. View all 4 comments. Feb 21, Anne Boleyn's Ghost rated it liked it Shelves: contemporary. It was that good. Alas, the book itself wasn't quite that good for me. Like Crossroads , Fired Up is sweet and sexy.

Professional football player Ash returns to his hometown after his off-field antics hurt his on-field prospects. He encounters Beau , a firefighter who was his high school teammate - and first kiss but 3. He encounters Beau , a firefighter who was his high school teammate - and first kiss but Ash doesn't want to think about that. Beau and Ash have always straddled the line of friendship, feeling both aversion and desire for each other. The flame reignites wink, wink when they are reunited and Ash comes to terms with his sexuality.

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The main reasons that I put the book in the "good-but-not-great" category? I found the romantic chemistry between Ash and Beau somewhat lacking. The romance was better realized near the end, but I wanted a bit more. But their relationships with Beau's brother Kenny, who has Down syndrome, were highlights. Will I read more in the series? View all 7 comments.

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Jan 01, Rachel Emily rated it it was amazing Shelves: romance-m-m , contemporary-m-m , cops-fire-law-etc-m-m , coming-out-m-m , desert-island-keepers , first-time-m-m , sports-m-m. Riley Hart kicks off a new series set in the town of Fever Falls, where we will get stories that alternate between her and Devon McCormack. I loved Cranky Campbell and Cocky Carmichael! They had a bit of a "frienemies" relationship growing up together as kids being on the same high school football team, and their first kiss as teenagers was what caused Beau to realize he is gay.

After Ash left town and went pro, Beau kept up with Ash's professional sports career, still wondering 10 years later what that kiss may have meant to Ash. When Ash comes back home to hide out and figure his next steps in life, he and Beau are reunited. I loved their banter together, how they were friends but still a bit snarky with each other and most of all, how unsure they were of the other as they tip-toed around the chemistry between the two of them.

Ash especially is dealing with the growing feelings inside of him the more time he spends with Beau, and I loved his inner-conflict and thought it was handled very well. This had a bit of a slow burn to it, and I love how Ash dealt with rationalizing how he wanted Beau and finally acting on it, coming out to Beau's family, dealing with the idea of being out, and finally knowing what he wanted in life - Beau, or pro-football.

I won't say much else to give anything away, so all I will say is this - OMG that instagram post! My heart! Ash and Beau might be the main characters, but I also have to say that Kenny, Beau's younger brother who has Downs Syndrome, totally stole the show. I just adored Kenny's love of life, his complete adoration of brother, and how he saw and said things the way they were and kept it simple. The beginning of Beau's chapters began with a little thought from Beau, and they just melted my heart.

I loved the family dynamic between Beau, Kenny, and their mom, and how Ash got to be a part of that, too. Kudos to Riley for writing such an endearing and wonderful character and including him so much in this story. This was emotional, sexy, funny, and introduces us to plenty more characters that I can't wait to read about from Riley and Devon. Give me more Fever Falls! I received an arc in exchange for an honest review. Jan 29, April rated it really liked it. Such a sweet read!

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I really enjoyed this story. This couple is perfect for each other! Ashton was fun and hilarious while Beau was protective and strong. Jan 16, Fired Up by Riley Hart was a fun and sexy read, but it wasn't a total home run. BUT Their inner monologues were repetitive and drove me a bit batty. Lol Maybe it wasn't even bad, but they irked me, especially Ashton's internalized homophobia.

All in all, it was an enjoyable read and do recommend it.