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Astbury, Margaret best selling author Meg Hutchinson has written three crime novels under her real name.

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Aylett, Steve whose works are a mix of science fiction and crime. Baantjer, Albert Cornelis in Dutch. Reported to be the Conan Doyle of the Netherlands. Badenoch, Andrea author of four crime novels before her untimely death in Obituary from the Independent Bagge, Tapani an interview with this Finnish crime writer whose first novel is currently being translated into English.

Bailey, Elizabeth author of the Georgian Lady Fan series.

The Final Curtain

Baird, John author of 'Chasing Shadows'. Baker, Adam author of 'Outpost' a post-apocalyptic thriller. Baker, Martin a non-fiction writer, the first part of a thriller trilogy will be out in Bale, Tom author of 'Skin and Bones', set in Sussex. Bannister, Jo a short biography, plus bibliography, on her agent's page. Barclay, Alex author of the 'Darkhouse' set in Ireland.

Barron, Stephanie American author of the Jane Austen mystery series.

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Barton, Fiona author of 'The Widow'. Bateman, Colin author of the Dan Starkey novels including 'Divorcing Jack' which was made into a film. Bates, Quentin author of the Gunnhildur series set in Iceland. Bell, Annis author of the Lady Jane mysteries. Benedictus, Leo author of 'Consent'. Bennett, Ronan his latest is currently being serialised in The Observer, 'Zugzwang' is a "a tense political thriller set in St Petersburg in ".

Benoit, Michel publisher's page for the author of 'The Thirteenth Apostle'. Beyman, Giulia Italian author of the Nora Cooper mysteries. Billingham, Mark author of the DI Thorne series. Black, Benjamin author of the Quirke series aka John Banville. Black, Helen author of 'Damaged Goods'. Black, Sean author of the Ryan Lock series set in America. Black, Tony author of the Gus Dury hack turned investigator series set in Edinburgh. Blundy, Anna author of the Faith Zanetti, war correspondent, series. Bonavero, Yves publisher's page for the author of 'Something in the Sea'.

Bond, Michael author of the Paddington Bear books as well as the food critic Monsieur Pamplemousse series. Brady, John author of the Dublin based Matt Minogue series. Brandon, Ruth non-fiction writer returning to crime fiction with a new series starring Reggie Lee, Art Curator. Brandreth, Gyles website for his Oscar Wilde mystery series. Braun, Audrey author of the Celia Hagen series set partly in Europe. Brenchley, Chaz crime and fantasy author and member of the Murder Squad.

Brennan, Gerard author of 'Undercover' set in Belfast.

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Brill, Marius author of 'Making Love' a book that tells its own story. Brimson, Dougie author of a series featuring football hooligan Billy Evans and is also the author of the film Hooligans starring Elijah Wood. Britton, Andrew author of the Ryan Kealey series. Brody, Frances author of the Kate Shackleton series et in s Bradford. Brookmyre, Christopher Scottish author of the Jack Parlabane series. Brown, Gordon author of 'Falling' set in Glasgow. Bruen, Ken author of the Brant and Jack Taylor series s. Burdett, John author of the Sonchai Jitpleecheep series set in Thailand.

Burke, Richard author of the psychological thrillers, 'Frozen' and 'Redemption'. Burley, W J author of the Wycliffe series. Burrows, Steve author of the 'Birder Murder' series.

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Cain, Tom blog for this pseudonymous author of 'The Accident Man'. Callinan, David author of "two near-the-knuckle metaphysical psycho-thrillers". Camilleri, Andrea an article on the author of the Sicilian Inspector Montalbano series. Campbell, Aifric author of The Semantics of Murder. Carlotto, Massimo a jam packed homepage of the Italian author of the 'Alligator' series in Italian. Carofiglio, Gianrico publisher's page for this highly thought of Italian author.

Carol, James author of the Jefferson Winter series. Carson, Paul author of 5 standalone novels. Carver, Will author of Girl 4. Caudwell, Sarah the late author of four Hilary Tamar novels. Cavanagh, Steve author of the Eddie Flynn series. Chambers, Kimberley author of eight novels including the Frankie Mitchell series. Chance, Alex author of The Final Days Charters, Charlie author of 'Bolt Action'. Website is in French. Churton, Alex author of 'The Babylon Gene'. Clare, Alys author of the historical Hawkenlye series. Clark, Clare author of 'The Great Stink'. Agent's page Clarke, Stephen author of the 'Merde' series, the latest and last of which is the spoof thriller 'Dial M for Merde'.

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Cleeves, Ann author of two series before moving on to writing psychological stand-alone novels and now the Shetland Quars. Clements, Rory author of the Elizabethan John Shakespeare series.

The Final Curtain - Priscilla Masters - كتب Google

Cole, Martina successful author of East End London based novels. Colitto, Alfredo Italian author of 'Inquisition' May Collins, Michael an interview on the Orion website. His latest book is 'The Secret Life of E. Robert Pendleton', in John Latymer series. Cookman, Lesley author of 'Murder in Steeple Martin', first in a series of village mysteries.

Coombs, Neil author of 'Dark Windows'. Corby, Gary author of 'The Pericles Commission'. Cordy, Michael author of several crime novels, most recently 'The Colour of Death'.

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Cornwell, Bernard author of several sea faring thrillers as well as his historical works. Costantini, Roberto author of 'The Deliverance of Evil'. Craske, Darren author of the Victorian Cornelius Quaint series. Crawford, Dean author of the Ethan Warner thrillers. Creed, Adam publisher's website for the author of the DI Wagstaffe series.

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Dias, Dexter author of five novels concerning the criminal justice system.