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Mike Leigh's Remarkable Family Drama 'Secrets & Lies' Is 20 Years Old Today

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Find out more here Close. Menu Blog Video. Family Fun Day: Secrets and lies Arrive any time between Book Tickets Go Tickets are now available. Credit: Kellet School. Enjoying gettings hands-on with science!

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Credit: Harry Harper. Blowing things up in the name of science! Credit: Paul Wilkinson. Keeping secrets within a marriage, or any significant adult relationship, can cause a breakdown in communication.

The bond between the adults may be irreparably harmed, causing harm to any children as well. Keeping secrets from children should be carefully thought through. Children are extremely perceptive and may become alarmed or anxious if they sense something of a serous nature is being hidden from them.

Why Do Our Loved Ones Keep Secrets?

The most damaging scenario, as is sometimes the case, would be if one or more children in the family believe that they are somehow personally responsible for whatever undercurrent is going on in the home. Keeping secrets can cause suspicion and resentment. Keeping secrets within a family can ignite feelings of suspicion and resentment among family members.

We would all like to believe that those closest to us can be trusted, that those we love and respect say what they mean, and that what they say is truthful.

‘Tell Me Who I Am’ Trailer: Shocking Family Secrets Unfold in Latest Wild Netflix Documentary

Trust is severely compromised when family members learn that a secret, especially one that is compounded by a lie, has been hidden from them. Keeping secrets can create a false sense of reality.

Keeping secrets within a family can create a false sense of reality, especially among children. Children learn about the world from the adults in their lives. When eventually told the truth, either by a parent, or even worse by someone outside the family, their world may feel shattered. Parents who habitually keep secrets from their children should keep in mind the possibility that such behavior could very well be repeated in future generations.

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Keeping secrets can cause illness. Keeping traumatic secrets can result in excessive stress and guilt for the person carrying the burden of knowledge, even when that silence is thought to be the best possible option for all concerned. Physical symptoms such as anxiety , headaches, backaches, and digestive problems often can occur when disturbing secrets are internalized, rather than shared, especially over a long period of time. Persons harboring such discomfort often turn to alcohol, or other addictive substances, to mask their pain.

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It is important to remember that both the person keeping the secret, as well as those who live with the secret-keeper, including young children, can experience similar physical and mental health issues.