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For example, the apostle Philip had 4 preaching daughters. Paul named a female apostle.

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Paul told women to cover their heads just a custom when they prophesied, which means inspired teaching. This is only one example of the many false teachings coming from the pulpit. Stagnation is a disease that will stunt our growth and cause a church to rot. I actually was told by a pastor of a large church that they have all of their doctrinal ducks in a row.

Pastors that are teaching that tithing will bring blessings for them are teaching the opposite of new testament doctrines. Hebrews chapter 7 makes that very clear and the apostles never, ever took money from the brethren. After 38 years of attending church God led me out and my spiritual growth took off. People claim to want to help the Church or help out in the Church. The same people who are helping act wrong in the eyes of the Lord. Those people who help, will not speak to a new person nor let that new person.

Even if the person tries to ask a question they are ignored like they dont exist. GOD will judge them accordingly. They dont care if they hurt someone feelings. So how is that one can come to Church every Sunday for the last 2 years not be liked for no reason is beyond me. People have jealousy in thier heart? One has to think I will not be mean or not say hello. They can ignore that one person. Next time some people you see them by the coffee machine. I shall not engage in any conversation at all. We are suppose to be adults not act like little children. Although I agree with this list of reasons, I think one glaringly obvious reason is being overlooked…and most likely on purpose.

IMO, a major, perhaps the major reason that people have stopped attending church is because they simply cannot afford it anymore. Church has always been, for the most part, a product of the middle class, which has provided the money for its existence. He could pay for a house, a car, a vacation to Disney or the Grand Canyon once a year and could even afford to give the local church a tithe.

Thanks to trickle up economics, those days are long over.

German churches lose 430,000 Catholic and Protestant members in 2018

Now, it takes two people working two jobs each just to survive. Eventually, somebody is going to notice and tell you that you need to support the church if you want to continue coming. Why subject yourself to that kind of humiliation? And poor can mean poor economically, poor physically, poor emotionally, poor mentally, poor socially, were poorly parented as children this is a huge population.

You have to find out how someone is poor, and comfort them. People need help. I would say all five reasons turned me away from church 8 years ago, at the age of 54, after attending regularly and actively contributing in a variety of ways since my teen years. I agree with some of you article.

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Under 30s biggest problem is they grew up socializing on electronics and most wont answer a phone, they need to be texted. Babies in Christ are going to need a Bible study class to learn the basics but even at that many churches give weekly bulletins to follow along and fill in the blanks. But its also important that people understand you need a relationship with God and He will tell you in various ways what He wants you to know.

Sometimes He speaks in an audible voice, sometimes through music, sometimes through people, once he spoke through a donkey!. As a person grows in God you rely more on God. All of us started at day 1 at one point and had to go from there. If a pastor is speaking on adultery, a person in sexual sin will probably be convicted but it is the Holy Spirit doing the convicting so the person can confess, repent of their sin, and be saved.

The Bible details how to handle sin in the church. The elders, deacons, are to confront that person in private.

Peoples Church of Montreal

Those people do have to discern, not judge, that a person is living in sin, say a husband cheating on his wife, in order to hold them accountable: the 2nd purpose of church. They are not sinless, they struggle with the flesh sin every moment of everyday. When convicted of sin by the Holy Spirit they repent.

I agree there are self righteous church goers and ones who are there for social purposes but there are many more there broken and on their knees before God. You have the already fit muscular people that intimidate the full sized out of shape. If you are there to get in shape and feel better about yourself you ignore any negative comments or stares and get on with getting healthier. Same in church: if you are there to know God and learn to live in Him you can ignore any people that get in the way. This is Great message and needs very serious attention.

If the service is 1hr…stick to 45min to an hour. Quicker on the transitions betweenssongs, readings, prayer. Otherwise, the service seems out of control. Often people have activities right after the service. Peter, I think you may be improperly equating sitting through a long church service with giving God time. In fact, it can be that churchy mentality that becomes the real turnoff.

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Most of our church services are nothing like New Testament gatherings of Christians. I apparently was very blessed with a variety of pastors that were a blessing along with the church fsmily. I am not saying everything was perfect. Where there are human beings, problems are bound to happen. When we ever we had to move we always found a wonderful church family where we spent time worshipping God. I guessed I have been blessed for nearly six decades in my life from age 5 to today. I too left church participation and Sunday Service attendance due to lack of genuine community. No one cared enough to find out why I stopped coming.

I just got a letter from the leadership asking me to sign a covenant for membership that included attendance. I was furious and heart broken. They took the pains to check with me if I was staying or going but nothing else. It is not real. People cannot be real.

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The barriers? So nothing changes. The church may have no focus or direction that leads them to change. I pastor a small church in Maine.

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As I read your story my heart was breaking. I love my congregation and they love my wife and I. As with any church we do have people leave but we immediately reach out to them to see what we can do to help. Usually they have already made up their minds.

5 Reasons People Have Stopped Attending Your Church (Especially Millennials) -

I still contact them to let them know we are thinking of them. For me when someone leaves with out any reason given it hurts just as when our 25 year old son died. I guess the greatest concern I have with people today is when some people come to the church to see what it can offer them instead of coming to worship God as their primary purpose. My family when I was a child taught me through their actions we went to church to offer our thanks to our Lord and savior.

And offer our abilities to serve the church. The church as with any family would have their problems but we went through those times and grew stronger. As a pastor now I do reach out to the needs who come and aim to teach we are a family with our warts and all that will fail at times but we desire to have a place where people can come to worship God and to love one another at the place we are and praying we will all grow to become more like Jesus.

I pray you will find a church family that all love God and will in turn love you. May God continue to keep and bless you, your family, church family and ministry. Thank you also for that word of encouragement to the writer. Both leadership AND congregants have bought into this perception. As to members leaving our fellowship, it should be a rare occurrence when someone leaves and surprises us by it!

But even Hub eventually ceased his rounds — which was sad. Forgive me for too many mistakes in my post that will teach me to do this late evening! I too grew up in a time when pastors and the those in the congregation were much closer and visitation was just a normal activity of the pastor.