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Explore Now. Buy As Gift. Overview Mary Howard has always lived in the shadow of her powerful family. The more Mary gets to know Fitz, the harder she falls for him, but is forbidden from seeing him alone. The rules of court were made to be pushed…but pushing them too far means certain death. Is true love worth dying for?

She lives in Northern California with three British citizens and one expatriate dog. Show More.

Brazen: A Valentino Mystery

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Brazen 4. Anonymous More than 1 year ago. MissFictional More than 1 year ago After reading and practically devouring this page book in a day, I was hit with the realization that Brazen, despite its flaws, was one of my favorite reads of In my opinion, Brazen is her best novel by far. I can easily track her improvement as a writer; Gilt, her first novel, was okay-ish, while Tarnish, her second, hit me by surprise.

Can you imagine my astonishment while reading her latest novel, which was near-perfect in execution? Yes, my friends, this book was that good.

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While you may get the distinct impression that this is some sort of teenage fluffy romance novel disguised as historical fiction, that impression is far from the truth. You not only get romance, but you also get Tudor intrigue and women thinking ahead of their time which is the best. I think Brazen is suffused with meaning and deep in terms of themes and emotional punch. And trust me, Longshore has quite a strong punch when it comes to that department. Brazen is equal parts historical and coming-of-age, which I think will appeal to those who aren't familiar with the historical fiction genre.

The first aspect I noticed was the fluid yet emotional writing, which captured my attention from the beginning and held it captive until the very last page.

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Even immediately after finishing the book, I felt as if I had intimately known each individual--or most of them, at least. When we first meet Mary, she is a timid, awkward girl who surely is not fit for marriage. Watching her grow into her skin as the novel progresses was perhaps one of my favorite parts of the novel, and this proves to me that Longshore would have a knack for writing contemporary novels as well. Also, the relationship between the girls--Marge, Margaret, and Mary--was done in a very realistic and genuine manner that is so different your typical YA novel.

The only major flaw that stuck out to me was the dramatization of mostly everything. It made the plot, at times, seem a bit juvenile and contrived. After all, who can deny the overall shallowness of the Tudor court? Deliberate or not, it was still annoying at times. I could go on for days on the value of Brazen and all its assets.

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Once I started reading, I flew through pages in less than three days. I started the story knowing nothing about Mary and enough about Henry Fitzroy to appreciate the journey even though I knew the destination, which made the story all the more bittersweet. And can I say it now? Henry VIII had all the makings of a psychopath! If I had said that years ago, my head would have landed in a basket. I have tremendous respect for writers of historical fiction, because I think they have a responsibility to those who are no longer here to tell their story.

Katherine Longshore has a phenomenal voice for historical fiction, her attention to detail is just right, and she has a talent for tapping into the very soul of her characters and their story.


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