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Random power outages due to loadshedding, road closures due to protests, and the extreme drought in Cape Town to name a few. While these things are annoying in the moment, they are just realities here and you have to embrace them with all the other amazing things you get in addition.

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The lowest point this trip happened a few weeks ago when Anthony and I were robbed on our walk to the supermarket. Two men stopped us, took money from my purse, and ran.

They were not armed as far as we could tell and we were lucky to not be hurt in any way physically. Most of my friends here have experienced something similar but often involving weapons. This type of experience could easily turn someone against Cape Town.

Volunteer Trip To Ghana, Africa: Life Changing 30 Days

It just serves as another reminder that wherever you travel, you are a guest and in that way you are somewhat vulnerable. The enrichment that a diversity of religions, cultures, and wealth bring to a city outweighs the resulting conflict. For more quick facts about South Africa click here.


Comment any questions you have or additional Cape Town blog posts you would like to see! Travel Log. Apr Emily Livermore. Travel Insights. The Robbery The lowest point this trip happened a few weeks ago when Anthony and I were robbed on our walk to the supermarket. Go with the flow. People use A LOT of water on the daily. When I returned last year, I had a firm goal: build a small er house as a base to return to while traveling; a place to re-charge every now and then, or to plan the next stage of travel. Continue to live a simple life.

If Not Now, When?

Continue to spend less and save more in order to get back on the road sooner. In the past, while living in the US, when I would stop to buy gas for my car or truck I would inevitably walk into the convenience store and buy a candy bar and a soda.

Reflections from an African Safari

For no reason. Just because it was there. I learned that in other less-developed countries, gas stations are just that. There is no store attached to it. You buy gas.

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This was a great way to eat better, and save money. In the past, I would eat out many times a week, often at rather expensive restaurants, but even fast food drained my budget. I would buy concert tickets, or tickets to a play on a whim, just because it sounded interesting. Now, I stay focused on the long-term goal of traveling full time.

I no longer do that, because I have proven to myself that it is fully achievable.

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Free concerts. Free movies. Free food events. Free sporting events. A year into non-traveling, my house is almost finished. Soon I will be saving more money, happily working toward my return to the road. Still living a much simpler life than I had before.

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  • Less stressed. But much less stressed than I used to be. I am living proof. I love it because I have experienced the same during my travels to Central America.

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    I am in a wait mode recovering from cancer and all I can do is think of the simple life on the road, soon I shall be back to share my stories with you and the universe. I find that sharing enables me to be stronger spiritually when on the road, I love the positive feedback gained by all. Thank you so much for all your help getting my XT ready for my next trip to Africa. I read your past blog posts to learn about the budget while you travelled. Many read your blogs but do not share how much they appreciate the effort it takes to write such blogs.

    Your blogs have helped me plan my budget. Your help cannot be thanked with a simple thank you, I wish I could do more in return. Did you actually find the correct threaded gas cannisters for your stove in Africa? Where did you have the most success finding them? Dave, Sorry for the slow reply. Yes, I found the gas canisters in both Cape Town and Nairobi.