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Too much pressure for some. Yes, we know they did not necessarily want to do those things either. They did them anyways! They were saints! For most Protestants, praying to a saint is either useless or considered as wrong as going to a fortune teller.

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I once heard a non- Catholic speaker refer to praying to a saint as being warned against in the Bible, stating we are told not to try to contact the dead. The saints are our brothers and sisters in heaven. They love us because they love whatever God loves and they want us get to heaven too. As a Catholic, understanding the custom of praying to the saints can empower our lives with prayers from heaven and allow us to explain this devotion to others. First off, we must make a distinction between contacting the dead in an occult manner—often out of curiosity, or to simply communicate with the dead.

This is different from communicating via prayer to the communion of Saints. The first practice can lead into a demonic realm occultism. There is a distinction between occultism and prayer to the communion of Saints. Praying to the angels and saints is taught by the Church to be useful and a worthy practice as a source of spiritual enrichment.

Our Brothers and Sisters in Heaven

Christians have honored—not worshiped—saints and angels for over 2, years. To pray to a saint is to petition for their help and intercession, knowing that all power in heaven and earth comes from God. They our heavenly relatives; guiding our steps on this earth, inspiring us and praying for us. Another common argument against praying to the angels and saints is that Scripture says we may only go through Jesus.

However, calling on them is no different than calling a devout Christian and asking for payers. Who can be more righteous and just than the angels and saints, perfected and in heaven? The more prayers and the more perfect the prayers, joined together with our own to God, multiply and magnify them. Some say that communication between earth and heaven is not possible.

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Joseph Ratzinger. Bestselling Series. Harry Potter. Popular Features. New Releases. Free delivery worldwide. Description Foreword by Joseph Pearce Pope John Paul II canonized or beatified such a staggering number of people--well over fifteen hundred--that many of them remain as obscure after receiving their new title as they were before. If you have never heard of Bartolo Longo, the former satanic priest, you are not alone. And what about Enrico Rebuschini, who battled depression? Or the happily married Luigi and Maria Beltrame-Quattrocchi?

Amazing stories of ordinary human beings who demonstrate that holiness is not another word for boring, but a defining characteristic of those who threw themselves wholeheartedly into the adventure of life. People who bought this also bought. Saint Who?

39 New Saints You Should Know

Add to basket. Dictionary Of Saints John J. From Islam to Christ Derya Litle. The Priest Barracks Guillaume Zeller. Strangers in a Strange Land Charles J. Champions of the Rosary Donald H Calloway. However, the author uses their lives as a springboard for a discussion of spirituality. He notes that their lives reflect a contemplative, apostolic and charitable style. The reader can peruse the book to figure out which saint applies to what label. Vost notes that each style translates into being a thinker, doer or lover.

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It is an interesting way to apply the lives of the saints to one's own life. The book also brings attention to saints who usually don't get a lot of press. Vost also has written a book about St. Albert the Great and the author penned his personal story on his return to Catholicism.

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The book offers a lot of information for readers and could lend itself well to a book club. The book also includes some autobiographical material from the author's life as a Carmelite seminarian and brother and now as an Orthodox priest. He stresses that saints do not have to be super-holy or without failings in order to lead a good life.

It would have been nice if the book had a listing of the "saints" in the book.